Protect Yourself 

Things to keep in mind when seeking services from an immigration attorney:

1) All services take place in the attorney's office. Do not meet anyone claiming to represent the attorney outside of the attorney's office.

2) All payments are made in the attorney's office to the attorney or by mail. Do not leave without a receipt noting your payment on your account.

3) Please do not go to a Notario, travel agency, or human resource personnel for immigration advice.

4) Avoid law firms that aren't specialized in immigration. You need a dedicated professional with a great deal of experience exclusively handling these types of cases.



Only an immigration attorney or an Department of Justice recognized organization can give help you with your immigration paperwork and process.

Trusting a notario can ruin your immigration options and spoil your family’s hope of a brighter future. If you are unsure if someone who has offered to help you can be trusted, contact our office and we’ll be happy to check them out for you. Please, do not be fooled! We don’t want you to become a victim of an immigration scam.

There are many individuals in our communities who will promise to help you with your immigration issues. They may refer to themselves as notarios, immigration consultants or notaries public, but they cannot represent you in the immigration process! These services may be advertised and appear to be legitimate, and the individuals may be of the same ethnic background as you or live in the same community. You may be led to believe there is a shortcut or “secret” way to speed up your paperwork, or the notario may tell you he/she knows someone who works in the government who can grant you special privileges. This is a scam.