Areas Of Practice

At Brost Law Office, we provide creative solutions to many of the most complex issues in immigration law. Immigration law is highly complex and full of technicalities. It is important that you have dedicated professionals on your side to ensure your opportunities are safeguarded. Brost Law Office provides you with personalized service tailored to your individualized case needs. We are dedicated to preserving client integrity and upholding the standard of ethics to the highest mark. Brost Law specializes in immigration because we truly care about the immigrant community and building a thriving, vibrant culture of inclusion. 

Family Based Immigration

Whether petitioning for family members outside the United States to join you, or trying to resolve issues for family members already in the United States, we can help.

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Humanitarian Protection

If you have a fear of returning to your home country, you have been the victim of a crime or an abusive relationship or you need help bringing family members here for humanitarian, medical, or safety reasons, we can help.

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Removal Defense and Appeals

Whether in immigration court, or before the various agencies that make vital decisions on immigration status and the ability to remain in or come to the United States, we will challenge the government to get you what you deserve.

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U.S. Citizenship

Once you have your lawful permanent resident status, we can help you navigate the naturalization process, and assist with other family members who may benefit from your acquisition of citizenship in the United States.

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Green Cards

Filing for or renewing your green card can be an overwhelming task. Let us help you make it as uncomplicated as possible. We will assist you in getting the right documents and filing all forms correctly. 

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Travel Abroad

If you are a US citizen or a green card holder and wish to travel abroad we can help you navigate each foreign countries process for travel or extended stay. Everything from visas to what vaccines you may need.

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Waiver Applications

Brost Law Office has a special interest in waiver applications. There are three main reasons waivers are denied:  

1) No Extreme Hardship

2) Reason to Believe

3) Not Enough Evidence

Waivers are a complex issue but Gunda Brost is an experienced immigration attorney. Her firm has successfully won many of the most hopeless waiver situations. With careful dissection and quality evidence with substance, Gunda Brost does thorough research to ensure your waiver is approved. 

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